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Virtual Staging

$34.99 / Per Image


With virtual staging, you are still able to achieve the look of traditional property staging at a fraction of the cost.

We help buyers visualize what the property can look like and we can virtually stage any vacant room with beautiful furniture and accessories.

The photos are realistic and deigned to catch the buyers eye when looking for homes on-line.

We offer very competitive pricing, fast turnaround time and high quality 2D images.


$34.99 per Image - 24 Hr Turnaround Time We care about our clients.

100% money back guarantee if your not satisfied.

  1. Email us your original photos ( 3000x 2000 , the highest resolution )

  2. Provide us with any additional information

  3. Within 24/hr your finished staged photos will be emailed back to you with your invoice.

  4. With Free revisions

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